Home Is Where the Heart Is




  • experiencing a longing or yearning for one’s home during a period of absence from it.
  • “they were homesick for America after two months in Costa Rica”

Homesickness is something I never understood and never personally experienced. It seems to be a trait that I have also passed along to my kids – thank goodness! It has made sleepovers and summer camps, and now a move to Costa Rica a lot more enjoyable. It doesn’t minimize that we miss a few things from home…family, friends and Amazon Prime, however, we don’t dwell in the longing, pining, and yearning mode. It feels better to enjoy the moment and plan for the future. 

Although we are itching for a few Amazon conveniences, it is our family and friends, we miss most. Some friends are like family. I put our Bellclaire neighbors in this category. Bellclaire is our street in East Grand Rapids. We moved there in 2004, when Tucker, our oldest, was only one years old. The neighborhood was experiencing a turnover with many young families moving in. Before we knew it, we had a village and we were spending our days making wonderful memories together- Dinner Clubs, Easter Egg Hunts, 4th of July Parades, Christmas Eve Dinners, New Year’s Eve Dance Parties, Winter and Summer Solstices, Triathlons, Camping, Ski Trips, Lake Trips, Bike Trips and more. Our extended families became a part of this village – sharing in our upbringing of the kids and in making these cherished memories. So, last week, when we had the opportunity to meet up with a set of one of the Bellclaire grandparents, Kay and Bill, we jumped at the chance.  It was so good to be “home” with them for a day. 

Kay took us on our first, but not our last Costa Rican zip-lining adventure. The kids had been begging to go since we got here, so it was a great day in their books. Thank you for the amazing memory!

So, here we are in our new home, looking fondly on our past and optimistically to our future. We spent Valentines Day with a group of homeschool families. The kids exchanged the sweetest cards with their new friends. It was a good reminder that a home is supposed to be full of love and there is a chance for love no matter where you might be in this world…you just have to be open to it. What a great lesson for kids!

Last night we hosted our first dinner party with a couple of our new Costa Rican neighbors. We quietly made a toast to our Bellclaire Family who taught us how to do this thing right! Slowly, but surely, we are making Costa Rica “home”. 

Pura Vida!




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