Two Opposing Things Can Be True

AtHomeInTheWorld_CVR_500I just finished a great book, At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider.  I was immediately drawn in and could easily relate to her words and her feelings about travel, family and love.  It is the story of a family of five circumnavigating the world in nine months (and so much more!). I found inspiration within Tsh and her family’s bold path.  In our own way, our journey, while it is not around the world (yet), it is one that fills us up. While not always easy or comfortable, travel and and adventure completes us as a family. Like the author and her husband, we believe kids and travel are meant to go together.

I loved the way she portrayed my own thoughts and paradoxes.  I love making a home – picking out paint colors, decorating a new space and curling up on my favorite corner of the couch in our home, with my cozy blanket over my lap. I love frequenting my favorite neighborhood hang-outs, carrying out rituals and traditions.  At the same time, I am anxious when I don’t have the next trip planned or a great big change on the horizon.  I can feel wholeheartedly blessed and grateful, while also feeling the weight of life too ordinary.  Six months ago, I was eager to swap “stuff” for stamps in our passports, but still imagine the ease of having it all in my arms again. I decided this is not only normal, but I’m also at peace for being wired in this very special way.  

As I read the book, I swapped the cast of characters for our own family of five. I imagined what it would be like to take our family around the world, each with only a backpack.  What would we each decide to carry?  They visited something like 4 continents and 30 countries in nine months. It sounds exhilarating to me. What would our itinerary look like?  The thought of planning it gives me goosebumps. How would a trip like that change us, as individuals and as a family? Is it possible to become more rooted in this world through such an uprooting experience? I can’t decide if the intensity of a year of non-stop travel is wise for us, with our kid’s ages (14, 11, and 9). Probably not. We know positive friendships are such an important part of the teenage years and for the journey to adulthood. Isolating them from these experiences seems unfair despite the quest for raising well-cultured kids and my own selfish desires. For now, I think we will chip away at exploring Central America with Costa Rica as our home base. Next up: Panama. 


If you want to read more about my book recommendation, At Home in the World, I encourage you to click here.  I bought it on my Kindle for only $3.99.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this travel memoir – please share in the comments. You can take a quiz and find out where your next travel destination should be.  I got Thailand!  Future hub for Southeast Asia, perhaps.

Pura Vida!




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