During a three week RV trip from Iowa to Alaska in May of 2015, my husband and I reconnected with younger versions of ourselves – the dreamers, the entrepreneurs, and wanderlusters. We knew we were living a blessed life and we were truly grateful for ALL we had. But, we were also feeling restless and bogged down by ALL that we had. We yearned for adventure, a different way of life, and a simpler, more authentic existence that gave us more quality time together. In December 2016, after 6 months of preparation, we took the plunge. We left our jobs, rented our house, sold most of our stuff and took a huge risk in order to have the adventure of a lifetime and set a course for a new way of living.

This is a blog created to chronicle our family’s adventures of leaving the rat race and embracing a new way of life -Our Path to Pura Vida. First stop Surfside, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.

Meet the Cast of Characters:
Marc – husband and father; educator, fitness enthusiast, environmentalist and real estate junkie. In our former life, he was the one who did all of the grocery shopping, cooking and planning – he prided himself on filling our tummies with wholesome, unprocessed foods.
Shannon -wife and mother; self-proclaimed work-aholic; resilient leader; challenge seeker; cappuccino critic; planner and organizer, with a trip being her favorite thing to plan and organize.
Tucker -13 year old son and brother. He loves anything water related – swimming, playing waterpolo, sailing and learning to surf. Tucker is an avid reader and knowledge seeker.
Abby -11 year old daughter and sister. Abby’s three favorite things -Horses, Swimming and Gelato.
Elliot -8 year old son and brother. Elliot is a performer – loves to sing, dance and play music, He aspires to be a talk show host someday.
Stella -5 year old anxious, loyal and loving Golden Doodle.

I’d love to hear from you! Scoot over to the contact tab and send me a message. I am happy to help others realize their dreams, especially if it involves the logistic of moving a family to Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!