Seasons Change

It is officially rainy season now and just after 10 days in the new season, the difference is unbelievable. The green is eye-popping and things are growing again. It’s hard to believe a few weeks ago, we had wild fires still blazing in the hills above us. Most of the trees had lost their leaves and the dust on the roads was almost unbearable. As we have traveled about over the past week, the kids can’t get over how different everything looks. You would think they never saw green grass! They point out every patch of green growth in delight and amazement. In Costa Rica, there are 2 seasons – the dry season which runs December thru April and the rainy season which is May to November. We arrived December 20th, so all we have known is the dry season.  By the end of April, we were bone dry and craving the rainfall.  

So, what has the rainy season been like for us so far?

  1. We literally danced in the rain for the first three rainfalls.  That has worn off, but we all still get a little excited to have a night time rainfall – who doesn’t love a rainy night (Eddie Rabbit, 1975)?  Our house has a clay roof and the sound is rhythmic and soothing.
  2. The nights are cooler and great for sleeping. Daytime temps are dropping too.
  3. You have to time clothes line-drying just right. Our electric bill might spike as we have to use our dryer more due to the humidity in the air.
  4. Frogs line up along our pool’s edge at night and serenade us to the point you need ear plugs.
  5. In the dry season, small fires are used to remove unwanted brush; in the rainy season, our gardener brings a machete to cut the grass.
  6. The mosquitoes are out and we should buy stock in Repel’s Lemon Eucalyptus, anticipating our usage. I am like a magnet and my daughter is scared to death to contract any mosquito borne diseases. Needless to say, we limit our time outside after dark or in the rain. We miss our outdoor living space already.
  7. The sunsets are just as beautiful – a cloudy sky makes for an awesome backdrop.
  8. The rivers are filling back up and driving will become a lot more interesting!
  9. Most mornings start with blue skies and sun. Rainfall comes late in the day and is hard, but brief. We live in the driest part of Costa Rica, so I know other parts of the country receive much more rain.
  10. I must buy rubber car mats ASAP and this season might be my true test in reaching pura vida (aka: “I don’t care how muddy my house gets, I am in paradise”).

I always welcomed the change in seasons. To go from welcoming a new season four times a year to twice a year is an adjustment, but one  I am content with for now. I miss the feeling of putting on a pair of jeans for the first time in months or the softness of a sweatshirt on a cool summer night. A trip to the mountains might be in order.

Pura Vida!